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Enjoy a powerful and enriching experience

Bali - 5 days
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Daily yoga practice Qigong or martial arts classes Motorbike or mountain bike excursion Empowering talks, inspiring movie night, sound healing, & creative class Massages & Balinese sauna experience Excursion to Holy Tirta Empul Temple 4 nights accommodation Daily meals


Come and experience the beauty of Bali. Us men need to take a break from the repetition of everyday life and rediscover the passion and fire for life that was once prevalent in our past. Experience the best in organic foods, warm weather, great conversations, yoga, qigong, meditation, and healing workshops in an environment where rediscovery of one's strengths and empowerment is attained and better understood. This is for those wanting to make radical shifts into a more vibrant and authentic way of being. Many men are awakening to a silent calling inside. New and old understandings of our journey's in this life, require clarity and a space to be able to share our experiences, ask questions, and together find the answers. Let's Step outside of our comfort zone, and find a better understanding of a new growing awareness shared by all men. Let's tap into the joy and fire in our Hearts, bring this passion into our mind and learn how to manifest our dreams into reality. Let's be the Passionate warrior that we are and meet life head on in with a sense of Gratitude and Love for the experience and empower ourselves further into clarity and prosperity on all levels.


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