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A Traditional Balinese Ancient Yoga Style

Bali - 5 days
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Beach yoga session (sunset yoga) Free one-time massage for 30 minutes Balinese Tai Chi (Tali Rasa) meditation session Daily morning & afternoon Balinese Watukaru yoga sessions Daily vegetarian, vegan, or regular meals 4 nights accommodation A trip to a local waterfall


Chandra yoga style is one among the total of 13 genuine or original yoga styles in the beginning of yoga history. Chandra yoga has 16 genuine flows, the first flow is Chandra Namaskara, then the flow of Chandra Kirana, flow of Chandra Lomawati, flow of Chandra Kumari, etc. The flow / sequence / yogacara is the main part of Chandra yoga style, rather than the asanas / poses.


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