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metoo healing & transformation now is the time

Jamaica - 5 days
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Daily morning yoga class A trip to Port Antonio 3 back to wholeness sessions Daily evening meditation & deep relaxation 4 nights accommodation Daily delicious meals


This retreat is for you if you want to heal deeply, make peace with the past and create a life you love. Able to trust and believe in you, understand who you are and what you are here for. Free to live your life meaningfully fulfilled, with nothing blocking your natural flow. fully realigned in wholeness and so very ready to be what only you can be! Come to release the me too pain, anger, and shame and reclaim you fully, heart, mind, and body. Trusting yourself, finding your voice again, doing what you love, enjoying loving relationships, feeling safe, strong fearless, and limitless, realizing your dreams and really being in love with your life, and all there is in it, this can also be your reality. What you can imagine, you can make real and nothing is set, you can reset, so what you choose to believe about life is what you get to experience. So choose to believe that this me too healing reset retreat marks the end of the struggle, is going to be transformational and the start of a great new beginning and this is exactly what it will be!


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