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Experience the real Balinese spirituallity

Bali - 5 days
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Beach yoga session (sunset yoga) Free one-time massage for 30 minutes Balinese Tai Chi (Tali Rasa) meditation session Daily morning & afternoon Balinese Watukaru yoga sessions Daily vegetarian, vegan, or regular meals 4 nights accommodation A trip to a local waterfall


Join this retreat for a truly traditional and unique Balinese yoga and meditation experience. It is located in the original spiritual village, close to Mount Batukaru in the middle part of Bali island. You will have daily morning Balinese moving and sitting meditation practices, daily afternoon Balinese yoga, relaxing afternoons to enjoy the environment, and free time to explore the traditional Balinese village of Sandan. Get close and involve yourself into Sesandan village community's daily cultural activities. Balitrees Retreats serve guests in family and village environment, welcoming them to be part of their family and, at the same time, to be part of Sesandan village community.


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