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Rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul with yoga

PRC - 5 days
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Daily yoga sessions Strengthening will power & concentration Enjoy music chanting, handicrafts, & shamanic dance Allowing deep relaxation & rejuvenation 4 nights accommodation 3 vegetarian meals


JOLIE LU’s life-long love of nature has been cultivated through her over 10 years experience leading ambitious group expeditions. Her journey began in 2008, hiking through Laos with Spanish guide PABLO after her completion of the renowned route from Yunnan to Tibet the year previously. She has now lead guests on pilgrimages as ambitious as Mountain Kawagebo Haba, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Mountain Kong Ga, Mountain Siguniang and Mountain Kailash. Her interests range from hospitality, after her work experience at the Moganshan eco-friendly resort Naked Retreats, to research, after her period studying matriarchal social tribes. We organize tailor-made holistic yoga retreats in secluded areas of the Himalayas as well as in southeast Asia and Europe, oriented around our expertise in shamanic dance healing and tantric relationships. Jolie has studied yoga and meditation in countries as diverse as India, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam, before returning to her home country to establish a more permanent base with the aim of helping particularly woman and families. Jolie now specialises in holistic healing, offering both yoga retreats and promoting Shamanic dance healing and world music artistry in Dali, Yunnan. She hopes to broaden her reach to South East Asia as she looks to collaborate and host with like-minded friends further afield.


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