Luxury Spiritual couple retreat - Go Enjoy Yoga
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01/12/2019 31/08/2020

Luxury Spiritual couple retreat

Europe - 4 days
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2 couple therapy Tantra sessions for two of you Individual BeYond Touch: Master alchemic healing through Reiki Individual BeYond Flow: A deep mediation floating session in thermal water with mixture of reiki & watsu – a true aquatic soul dive! Daily BeYond Openness: Reaching deep within your heart through powerful yoga asanas & meditation Afternoon BeYond classes in thermal water, & with different movement & meditation The unique spiritual teaching of high quality of 2 master teachers Unlimited access to healing hot springs & wellbeing & spa center of hotel Delicious breakfast buffet & four-course dinner or lunch vegan & vegetarian-friendly Magical romantic & outstanding location in little medieval village Bagno Vignoni


It is a pleasure to welcome you 2, to a unique and unforgettable copule experience with us. What will this retreat give you: *Strengthen the connections in the relations ship *Receive an initiation to a higher level of consciousness *Receive tools in your love and relations ship to grow together *Release old habits in the relationship *Find into deeper peace and harmony together BeYond is calling the seekers, the curious, the tired and those that just wonder "what if". Come and discover a deeper you. A more fuller you. A next-level you. BeYond welcomes you to a unique transformative spiritual experience! Isn’t it time to move BeYond? Experience a special retreat together with Tanya and Michael Aprile: Modern spiritual Masters that bridge Eastern and Western traditions, Tanya and Michael have condensed their extensive knowledge of esoteric matters and spirituality into a simple, yet powerful process. Going BeYond with the two of them is going to a place where the highest knowledge can be accessed and the deepest healing can occur. Tanya is giving you the possibility to book in this retreat BEYOND INSIGTH SESSION: Soul Path Clairvoyance sessions with therapy, healing & regression and personal channelling. "All served" in the magical location in Tuscany in the medieval village Bagno Vignoni, with healing hot springs, spa wellness, deep healing energy and Italian dolce vita!!


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