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Slow down your thoughts and gain inner peace

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Silence 4 yoga classes 2 mantra chanting sessions 2 diverse meditation sessions Quality support during you stay Vegetarian meals, organic where available 2 nights accommodation


God is in the Silence! Experience the deep peace and relaxation when you can totally focus on yourself. This weekend is the ultimate me-time. %A silent weekend is particularly supportive if you have a burnout, if you notice that you are too busy or if you worry too much or have trouble slowing down your thoughts. Also if you are just like the deepening in the splendid rest of the silence, then these are the weekends for you. %With Hatha yoga and amazing meditations. You can also do some nice silent hiking in the beautiful neighbourhood, to the river or the forest. %It is expected that you do not talk to your co-participants, nor make non-verbal contact. As a result, you can totally focus on yourself. But in case you need anything, you can always write a note to the instructor and she will try to arrange what you need. %Next to that, in the afternoon there are meditations. Then, there is also space and time for a short sharing about how you feel and for questions. Besides, in the morning there is mantra chanting for those who like that, from 08:00 until 08:30. Because this is a really nice way to start the day and brings a deepening of the silence of the rest of the day.


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