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Mind & Movement Medicine Yoga Retreat for Emotional Healing

Indonesia - 3 days
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Emotional healing


2 daily yoga sessions Pre-arrival 20-minute online consultation Guided meditations, pranayama, sound healing Daily private consultation & lifestyle guidance session Gong baths, freedom journal writing, & yoga Nidra 1 traditional Balinese or Lombok massage Floating breakfasts in garden pool 2 nights accommodation


Here at Barefoot Bohemia, we offer uniquely tailored one to one yoga, lifestyle, coaching and mentoring retreats for trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm, burnout, PTSD and chronic stress recovery with our own personally designed mind and movement medicine yoga packages. Difficult life experiences can sometimes disrupt our body and our mind’s natural flow and inner harmony, bringing forth a feeling of loss or fragmentation from ourselves. It can feel as if we’ve lost control of our minds and our lives. We can experience reduced performance and motivation, fear and negativity, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and dissociation, self-sabotaging or self-imposed mental and emotional barriers. The body and mind can literally lock down, hindering our decisions and ability to move forward, follow our dreams and live life the way we are meant to. The presence of these feelings can block our potential and creativity, silence our true voice and gradually entomb our faith that we will ever find ourselves again. Entrust us with a little of your time and we will give you back your mind!


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