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01/12/2019 31/08/2020

Let's practice yoga with Yogadarshanam

India - 15 days
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Yoga practice for pregnancy Meditation, pranayama, & mudra Special yoga asanas for normal delivery Yoga therapy practice for pregnancy complications Pelvic floor muscles asana & exercises Suitable diet plan & other health tips 14 nights' accommodation


Pregnancy is a special period in women’s lives and also, the word pregnancy itself will create lots of emotions. On one side, it is the creation of a divine process, giving a life through birth expecting joy, happiness, etc. On the other hand, it is a wait for a long time anxiety, pain, etc. The yoga is going to help to overcome most of the pregnancy complication and to bring a healthy baby to the world. These special yoga practices teach you a new way to enjoy pregnancy period right from conceiving to until delivery.


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