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Start this life-long journey in China

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40 hours of small group training The lesson will be held in separate classes for each skill levels Teaching in English by dedicated, high-level Tai Chi & Qigong masters Free time to rest, explore, or do other activities 2 hours of Chinese traditional massage therapies 13 nights comfortable accommodation Tai Chi souvenir & Tai Chi t-shirt Daily nutritious meals


For those with the time and who want to get an all-around feel for meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi, this course will work through the basic Chen-18 form and will introduce you to meditation techniques and Qi Gong. Two full weeks at the school will allow you truly to share in the culture of Tai Chi, as well give you more time to explore the theory with the other students and get into more in-depth discussions with the masters on all aspects Tai Chi and life. You can also take advantage of the weekend to explore the beautiful surroundings of the Yangshuo area.


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