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01/10/2019 30/04/2020

Rejuvenate and enjoy the magical rains of Kerala

India - 10 days
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Yoga Criyas & cleansing Daily yoga classes & asana workshops Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor (Tuesday) Detailed recommendation for constitutionally balanced diet Yoga exercise module on individual body constitution (private session) 4 days personalized Ayurvedic rejuvenating massages Delicious vegetarian food & meal 9 nights' accommodation


This monsoon yoga and Ayurveda retreat at Hinterland Village is a great opportunity for you reconnect one’s body and mind whilst experiencing the magical rains of Kerala. This retreat is designed and flexible for all levels of yoga practitioners. Monsoon retreats have a special significance culturally, as Ayurveda treatments and yoga practices performed during this time are more effective than any other time of the year. Learn how to see or experience that one light from deep within!


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